Question: What Is Amazon Wish List Used For?

Question: What Is Amazon Wish List Used For?

People use Wish List in different ways.

Some customers use it as a “Save for Later” list.

Some use it to store items they are considering buying in the current shopping session (while narrowing).

Some create Wish Lists explicitly to send to friends and family to give them gift ideas.

What does the wish list do on Amazon?

Amazon Customer’s Privacy Exposed In theory, your Amazon wish list should allow people to buy you gifts, but should not reveal anything but the list of items you want. Evidently, if you buy something for someone off their list, you can then see the delivery address in the order reports in your account.

What is the point of wishlist?

With 3dcart’s Shopping Cart Software Wish List feature, your customers can browse through your store and add items to their account’s profile. The Wish List function itself serves as a way for your customers to select and track their desired items for purchase at a later date.

What can I add to my Amazon wishlist?

To add items from a product’s detail page:

  • Select Add to Wish List to view all of your Wish Lists and Gift Lists.
  • Select the Gift List with the friend or family member’s name you want to add the item to.

How do you know if someone bought something off your Amazon wish list?

Set Up Your Surprise Spoiler Settings

  1. Go to Your Lists.
  2. Select the list you’d like to modify.
  3. Hover over the three dots () and click “Manage list.”
  4. Uncheck Keep purchased items on your list. if it is currently checked.
  5. Check or uncheck Don’t spoil my surprises.
  6. Click Save Changes.

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