Question: Is Earny Safe?

Question: Is Earny Safe?

While Earny is very up front about that in its Privacy Policy, some people won’t like the fact that their information is shared like that.

The good news is that your credit card information is completely safe.

We like that Paribus keeps your personal contact information safe as well.

Is Earny free?

Is Earny free to use? It is free to create an Earny account and download our app, however, Earny does require a subscription for users to get the full price tracking benefits that Earny offers. Earny members can choose between an annual and a monthly subscription plan.

Is paribus safe?

While your personal email information is extremely safe and secure with Paribus, we understand concerns with giving any website that much access. Without allowing Paribus that level of access, they won’t be able to detect your online receipts in order to get you a refund on your purchases.

How does Earny app make money?

Financial app Earny attempts to generate revenue by taking advantage of price adjustments by retailers. (Earny Inc.) Earny’s job is to get people partial refunds using credit-card-and-retailer policies designed to protect consumers from price decreases that occur soon after they buy an item.

Does the Earny app really work?

Earny. Earny works similarly to Paribus, scanning your email for online shopping receipts. It also tracks price protection from several credit cards, too. For instance, if you pay $100 for a vacuum at Target, and Earny finds the same model for $80 at Costco, it sends an email on your behalf asking Target for a refund.

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